How To work Flexible sheets

This is a page to support the instructions that are included with your sheets. In some cases your sheets may have been quartered for ease of handling and safe carriage.

Please unpack the sheets very carefully! to avoid shelling. Once fitted they are very strong.

In this example we will replace two tiles that have been broken on a sheet.

The same procedure is used for slicing sheets to be made smaller and around corners etc.

If you are doing a cutout for a socket/light switch etc. you must cut out tiles as described to easily miss the socket. Once the adhesive has gone off add individually cut tiles that you have saved around the socket to complete the finish.


A sheet with two tiles damaged Fold the sheet back on it self and slice through the backing with a very sharp knife


Fold the sheet back on it self in the other direction a and make the adjacent cut


The tiles becomes detached from the sheet at one end

Make your last cut and Remove the broken tiles
Using the same method cut two tiles from an off cut and replace the missing tiles The finished repair

Further Cutting:
If you need to cut the glass tiles them selves just use a standard glass cutter This mirror glass is thin so cuts and snaps very easily. Just score the glass and snap then cut through the backing with a sharp blade as described on this page.
If the surface is porous size with dilute PVA 1:6 once or twice. When dry use neat PVA spread thinly to affix the sheets. Apply pressure evenly and smooth your sheets on with a clean lint free cloth .
If the surface is non porous we recommend silicon sealer. Cover the area with a zigzag pattern of small opposing beads and again smooth on with a clean lint free cloth.

You will be surprised how little cleaning these tiles need. Just a wipe with a clean cloth will do. In the unlikely event that they will need further cleaning use a dry cleaner.

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